Factory and Manufacturing

Built from the trees cut from the site in 1908, the factory stands at the end of Mashman Avenue in Kingsgrove, Sydney.

The kilns have evolved from wood burning salt firing brick kilns to electric and currently gas kilns which allow the factory to control production and the firing process to reproduce products fired 100 years before.

Weekly, Mashmans fire 5 to 6 tonne of handmade pots and tiles, air bricks, chimney pots and other products specially ordered by our customers for new dwellings and restorations or amazing Victorian and federation buildings.

Our raw materials are delivery from the red earths of the NSW central west and on site we crush and grind this into high quality clays which will last 100s of years. Some of our products are pressed through tooling made in the 30's to become genuine replacements for damaged tiles, bricks, pots and pipes/capping. Staff at Mashmans manufacture other products out of hand cut moulds and work the pottery wheel to produce products which are truly hand built and finished.

We fire our kilns to produce an array of natural and glazed colours. Apart form the beauty of kiln fired colors, terra cotta has its own beauty which is from the earth. We can colour to match existing items.

Things happen much the way that did 100 years ago, fast they might not be, but bursting with pride of the tradesmen and tactile with quality they are.